Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the day after

3:30 p.m.

Watched the Parade yesterday in a neighborhood hotel lobby. Big pride... continued to feel very patriotic.
Lots of famous people everywhere.

Tried to make it to the MeatBall on Capitol Hill last night - couldn't get a cab to take us over there. Two different cabbies said getting across town was ridiculous and they didn't want to do it - too much traffic and too many street/bridge closures. (We did hear one tuxedoed guy telling the bellman at a hotel to tell the next taxi that he'd pay $100. to get to his destination - which is a lot since DC covers a relatively small area.)
We didn't feel like dealing with the crowds on the Metro.
Were bummed at first but then thought it would be nice to drink the excellent bottle of wine that we'd bought to bring with us to the party. Settled back into the apartment and enjoyed the street scenes below. Many motorcades as important people wisked around to parties and balls.

Wednesday (today) - Even though we have both been to DC before, we decided to play tourists and headed back down to the White House area. Lots of people had the same idea - everyone walking around snapping pictures.
We watched the crews dismantling the official reviewing stand (thick, thick glass) then walked along the back of the White House for more pics.
Security blocked our way and told everyone to back off the sidewalks - they were closing for a "little while" and would open again in "a bit".
Hung back, heard the sirens and got the best glimpse of President Obama as he returned to the White House from some meeting or another.
We all screamed (he is a rock star), he turned and waved, and we all had a perfect serendipity moment of being in the right place at the right time.
R had a nice conversation with a DC/White House Policeman - bike detail. They talked the virtues/vices of a certain kind of tires. Cool conversation.
Continued on to the Corcoran Museum for the Richard Avedon "Portraits of Power" exhibit - excellent.
Back to the apartment for lunch.
We're about to head out again to hunt for Memorabilia.
Dinner reservations tonight at Obelisk - a great restaurant a couple of blocks away.
Probably won't post again until we return home on Thursday.

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