Monday, January 19, 2009

a day of travel

Monday was our day of flying into DC, up at 3:30AM.

We had a great couple of flights.

This is a photo of the snow in the Sierras.

Monument Valley as we fly east

Happy on the plane - ready to land in DC.
Flight was full from Dallas to DC. Extra security at the Dallas gate for the DC flight. R and I were strip searched and the TSA people said we looked really great for our age! (Just kidding, but there was extra security.)

Driver (Bobby) from the airport said people have been up all night everywhere out in the streets - festive atmosphere.

E's niece, Krissy's, excellent apartment - ours for 4 days. One block off Dupont Circle. When we arrived, there was a large group in the Circle laughing, thankful for the end to Bush, and generally carrying on.

Time for the first of many toasts.

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